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Removing All Barriers of Adopting Cloud Infrastructure

The SurCloud All-In-One Appliance is an “Enterprise Ready” and nevertheless easy-to-use solution for creating cloud infrastructure with extreme performance built with SurCloud’s trailblazing technology and powered by SUSE OpenStack Cloud. All hardware and software configurations are highly-optimized including a lot of uncompromising system-level tweaks and revolutionary user experience, eliminating entry barriers and setting new records for performance, density, cost and ease of use.

Cloud Technology Leader

SurCloud is a Silicon Valley based technology leader in the cloud industry. Its TruPrivacy® is the #1 cloud data security technology in the market, and SurFS™ is an innovative open source cloud storage system with extreme performance at a price that is significantly less expensive than traditional distributed storage systems. TruPrivacy is a patented technology using unique mathematical encryption algorithms that guarantees Zero Data Breach for data in rest and during transmission, which was publicly proven at the world’s largest hacker event DefCon in August 2015. TruPrivacy protects data securely on the cloud and safeguards it from being exposed even if a hacker gets control over the administrative account of the data server.

SurFS completely breaks the shackles of the traditional systems. It is the first distributed storage system based on SAS network, revolutionizing storage network technology by increasing the bandwidth by more than ten times, and reducing latency by more than 90%. SurFS separates storage control nodes from storage medias (such as HDD or SSD), and converges storage control nodes and compute nodes (such as VMs or containers) because this hyper-converged infrastructure offers the shortest I/O path of all recent distributed storage systems. SurFS also has a unique feature of globally shared storage pool, enable every storage control node to access every disk directly. Unmatched security and performance along with competitive cost, SurCloud received “Cloud Storage Excellence Awards” from Cloud Computing magazine, plus other awards from the cloud industry.

Merging Public and Private Cloud

Ingeniously Merging Public Cloud and Private Cloud

The advantages of a public cloud services are:

  1. Leasing rather than buying to avoid high costs.
  2. Zero operations, significantly lowering energy costs.
  3. Scalable to always meet business requirements.
  4. Low price.

The advantages of a private cloud services are:

  1. Safe and controllable.
  2. High-performance LAN connection.

Is it possible to take advantage of both approaches, to reduce costs, keep your data safe and controllable and achieve high performance access at the same time? SurCloud introduces the “lease private cloud” service by paying the SurCloud All-In-One Appliance fee on monthly basis, which combines the advantages of the private cloud and public cloud:

  • No need to invest half a million dollars but can pay only thousands monthly for the service.
  • Leasing fees are only 1/3 of public cloud services such as AWS.
  • Operations management is quite simple; similar to the public cloud
  • Extreme scalability to meet the demands of business growth.
  • Retaining the private cloud’s advantages: security control and high performance.

SurCloud Advantages

  1. SurCloud hardware is configured to unleash the full potential of SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SurFS with added complete system integration, testing and optimization. All software and hardware is pre-installed, pre-configured and optimized, thus the SurCloud All-In-One Appliance is plug & play, which means reducing the traditional deployment cycle to "zero."
  2. SurCloud All-In-One Appliance implements a fully redundant architecture design from power supply, control nodes, compute nodes, network nodes and storage nodes to cables. Every piece of HDD, SSD and NVMe disk is provided as dual port, which eliminates all single points of failure and ensures enterprise-grade high availability.
  3. Global optimization of hardware and software integration rules out various shortcomings of OpenStack with an excellent monitoring, management and operations user interface and automatic fault response mechanisms to ensure a mature and highly available system and also reduces the required technical skills for operations, thus an ordinary administrator can manage and maintain the SurCloud All-In-One Appliance without expensive, special training on OpenStack.
  4. Internal purpose-optimized, high-bandwidth networking based on 40 Gb/s Ethernet, 48 Gb/s SAS-3 and 128 Gb/s PCIe. SurCloud is de-TCP/IP-ing internal system communication as much as possible but rather using local buses wherever possible.
  5. Pioneer in using the ultimate-speed storage technology NVMe RAY disk, which offers extreme I/O performance.
  6. N+3 Erasure Code technology offers a data storage redundancy rate of up to 125%, which means it can guarantee 99.999999999% data durability, which saves more than half of the storage media compared to using three copies of technology with a redundancy rate 300%.
  7. Shared storage pools on a distributed storage system provides high availability compared to compute nodes, which do not have local storage.
  8. A new generation, intelligent cabinet is equipped with a large 15 " touch screen, offering smart visual monitoring of the system status, warning and errors, which can be customized to exactly meet the user’s requirements.
  9. Designed for the Future of Enterprise Storage. Rather sooner than later flash storage technology will replace traditional HDDs as primary storage media. SurCloud’s file system SurFS is designed to meet customer requirements of the future because it’s optimized to also work with SSD and NVMe technologies unlike existing distributed file systems, which are optimized to work with HDDs such as Ceph.

Slashing Operations Costs by 50%

In general, the overall costs of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is about 70% of traditional cloud platforms, and the overall costs of SurCloud All-In-One Appliance is about 70% of other HCI products, or about 50% of the cost of a traditional cloud platform.

Evolution in Efficiency: from Month to Hours

A traditional cloud platform implementation from planning, project proposal, proof of concept, procurement, deployment, preliminary acceptance, final acceptance to launching often requires months or even more than a year. SurCloud All-In-One Appliance has pre-installed all hardware and software in a cabinet, delivered as a single unit, with no installation needed ("plug & play"), slashing the traditional deployment cycle to "zero." Launching new business logic online is reduced from months to hours.

SurCloud All-In-One Appliance can extend computing power and storage capacity to meet the requirements of different business needs. IT staff does not need to buy large systems that meet estimated usage scenarios for years ahead, which usually results in an unnecessary investment. Rather, SurCloud All-In-One Appliance offers 100% on-demand horizontal extension, which means linear plug & play scalability without shutting down production systems.

Complete Performance Optimization

SurCloud All-In-One Appliance effectively improves product performance through technology optimization. The SurCloud All-In-One Appliance can provide the computing power of an entire enterprise data center with hundreds of servers, providing full support for an enterprise to shift to cloud infrastructure.

  • Maximum concurrent access: 3.5 million (equivalent to about 40 million users with online access at the same time.)
  • Maximum number of VMs: 25,000
  • Maximum number of VMs running concurrently: 9,000
  • IOPS: 1.43 million
  • Throughput: 8.9 GB/sß

The Cabinet is the Data Center

SurCloud All-In-One Appliance transforms complexity to simplicity by consolidating servers, storage, and network equipment from dozens of cabinets – the entire enterprise server room – to a half-size, all-in-one cabinet, which not only saves space and energy but also simplifies deployment and operations as much as possible. A 24U cabinet can host up to:

  • 880 CPU cores (1760 HT)
  • 40 TB Memory
  • 1.44 PB available space (the size is after-redundancy, guarantees 99.999999999% of data durability)


Zero Data Breach Encryption Technology

TruPrivacy is one of SurCloud's patented technologies which guarantees "Zero Data Breach". This technology redefines data protection in cloud storage and has made a quantum leap over conventional methods. TruPrivacy provides complete cloud storage services including uploading, downloading, previewing, searching, sharing, deduplication and password recovery without the need of using plain text decryption keys or login credential on the server side. No one will be able to read the content even if the network security entirely fails, the server is being hacked, the system administrator is nobbled and source codes of security system is disclosed. With TruPrivacy data is a 100% safe, there's zero risk of being exposed without the permission from the owner of the data.

Performance Table


Innovation in Cloud Storage

SurFS is an innovative open source distributed storage system designed for OpenStack with extreme performance at significantly low costs. SurFS is capable to provide block device and NAS (SAN NAS) storage services. Compared with traditional distributed storage systems such as Ceph and GlusterFS, SurFS innovations include:

  • First distributed storage system based on SAS network with large bandwidth (up to 96Gb) and short latency (ns level) at low cost.
  • Separates storage control node from storage medias (such as HDD or SSD), and converges storage control nodes and compute nodes (such as VMs or containers).
  • Globally shared storage pool, every storage control node can access every disk directly.
Performance Table

SurFS High Performance

  • Ultra short data path. Compute node and storage control node are located in same physical server, storage control nodes access storage media directly. Consequently, the overall data path is much shorter than traditional distributed storage systems.
  • Larger bandwidth. A 4-wide SAS2 port has 24Gb bandwidth, and an 8-wide SAS3 port has 96Gb bandwidth, much larger than 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet networks.
  • Low latency. Latency of SAS networking is on ns level, much lower than TCP/IP which is on ms level.
  • Less protocol converting. SAS is the native interface of HDDs and SSDs (SAS is compatible with SATA), a patch for OpenStack provided by SurFS can avoid iSCSI transmission between compute node and storage control node.
  • Fast re-balancing. Re-balancing of SurFS is a simple operation by adjusting the configuration of storage control node because of SurFS' unqiue feature of globally shared storage pool, no physical data moving is necessary.
Design Chart

Low Cost

  • Much fewer HDDs needed. The unique feature of globally shared storage pool enables SurFS to compose RAID groups from different JBODs (one HDD from each JBOD) to provide fault tolerance on device level, thus removing the barrier which blocks RAID to be adopted in distributed storage system. The RAIDZ-3 model guarantees the same data durability as "three copies" of Ceph but using less than half of HDDs.
  • Cheaper networking. Costs of SAS networking is between 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet networking, much less than FC and InfiniBand.
  • Much fewer storage control nodes needed. One storage control node per computing server, instead of one storage control node per storage server. Since the number of computing servers is much less than number of storage servers in most scenarios, less storage control nodes are used.
  • Less resources for each storage control node. The in-band part of SurFS storage node is very thin, less resource (CPU/memory) is needed (comparing with Ceph which needs a OSD node per HDD). Furthermore, storage control node shares resources with computing server.

Looking for Partners

SurCloud has recently signed a series of deals to deliver 1EB+ cloud infrastructure systems based on SurCloud technology. These deals will make SurCloud #1 in HCI market. SurCloud is looking for All-In-One Appliance partners worldwide. Please contact SurCloud by writing to to become a distributer or partner of SurCloud products, regardless in which state or country you are.

A Match Mad in Cloudy Heaven

  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud is a mature, stable and reliable software platform which is affirmed by numerous key customers.
  • SuperMicro is the largest server OEM manufacturer worldwide supplying many renowned vendors such as HPE & Nutanix.
  • SurCloud Corp. is a technology leader in cloud infrastructure and user experience.

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